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NewCampus is a place, a mindset and a culture.

Climate change, automation and digital transformation, emerging markets, gig economies, shifting landscapes of power and influence. Our economies, our communities and our identities are experiencing unprecedented change and complexity. And while change brings uncertainty, it also brings opportunities.

We believe the key to opportunity lies in gathering—people, perspectives, and a shared spirit for learning. Now fully virtual, for a truly borderless experience.

Who we are

A global school for infinite learners

NewCampus was established with the goal of building a “third place” for modern professionals to share their knowledge, discover their global community and grow their abilities to stay relevant in the decades of change ahead.

Our curriculum is created with a global-first mindset, focussing on the skills needed to address gaps in modern organisations as automation and other emerging technologies oblige us to reflect on what our most human qualities can bring to the table. All classes are live, interactive, and virtual—a truly borderless learning experience.

Our Singapore-based team is comprised of serial entrepreneurs, philosophers, artists, history buffs and herbivores.

  • Sustainability
  • Excessive inequalities
  • Alienation
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