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Inspiring modern spaces in convenient, central locations
A community of learners sharing a journey of growth

The entire future of you.

NewCampus is a different type of school, for curious people who never want to stop growing. Attend daily small-group classes led by global hosts about big topics in the world today. Whether you’re looking to gain specific new skills, or window-shopping different topics to get inspired, we're here to help you get where you want to be. ◆

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I have gained priceless exposure, insights to diverse global industries and was fortunate enough to meet like-minded people from all over the world."

Awaise Alvi

Head of operations @ Sahara Emirates

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// 2019
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// Key features
Reshaping the learning experience.

A collaborative classroom for citizens of the world

Discover a learning experience that will immerse you in new cultures, challenges, and opportunities—in small, intimate groups of curious people just like you. Everybody has a voice, and everything is our teacher.


Vibrant and diverse global professionals

Join a friendly, supportive member base where everyone is on a journey of personal growth. Forge relationships with entrepreneurs, creatives, scientists and NGOs — and network without borders.


Fascinating and always relevant

We deliver daily dispatch of valuable insights and processes from the most innovative leaders and organisations, supported by a data-driven approach to class design. Our dynamic curriculum evolves at the speed of the news.


Located conveniently, delivered delightfully

Incredible and inspiring spaces, transformed into 21st-century classrooms after-hours. You’ll get the best learning experience, always located centrally for you to drop by after work.

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Our classes

A gym-like membership to unlimited classes you will come back for again and again.


45 minutes
Our flagship feature. In-depth and interactive, you'll dive deep in a discussion-driven session hosted by an industry expert.


90 minutes
A hands-on experience designed to develop your practical capabilities. Immerse yourself and learn a new skill.


(Coming soon)


(Coming soon)


(Coming soon)
Our Classes Every dose of NewCampus will leave you brimming with newfound knowledge, strong takeaways and valuable networks, everything you need to thrive in a changing globalised world. You’ll feel like a better version of yourself after your first class. We work hard to make sure your learning experience doesn’t feel like a chore.
  • Entrepreneurs as class hosts
  • TED-like speakers
  • Intimate class sizes
  • Inspiring campus spaces
  • Bite-sized sessions
  • Conversational group experience
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What our lovely colearners are saying

"There are hidden gems in the process of this learning experience due to the nature of it, thus enhancing a broader scope of learning."

Howard Mijares

UX Designer/strategist @ Emirates

"I was thrilled to learn about digital marketing strategies, content, and analytics. It was amazing for me to see how fast your ideas can be put to test in a startup environment."

Daniel Bar

Cofounder @ Tenzorum project

“The classes are diverse in subject matter, address the future of work and provide a forum for authentic discussions with field experts across the globe. In my experience, they have fostered a community of learners that remains engaged and invested in mutual development and breaking the mold."

Sheena Mozaffar

Education Specialist & consultant @ world bank group

“A conducive haven for everyone who believes in colearning via engaging and interesting classes. Whether you’re looking to advance your current skill set or to pick up a new one, NewCampus makes the entire journey a fun-filled experience.”

Sonia Gupta

Account Manager @ QTech Networks

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