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Developing leaders in your growing company

We get it: one of the biggest challenges for growing businesses is bridging the leadership skills gap in their employees. But we also know that learning initiatives tend to take a backseat when you're constantly in all-hands-on-deck mode.

That's why we're here to make it a no-brainer. NewCampus is a learning partner that'll make it easy to invest in your leaders to ensure that your team—and your business—stays thriving.

Real engagement and easy adoption

Live, interactive small-group classes your team will love—and love to discuss for days afterwards.

Put your team's learning on autopilot

We'll work with you to build a program that fits your needs, so you can leave the hard part to us.

Drive true behavioural change for life

Help your team build a lifelong learning habit that'll pay dividends for them and for you.

Leadership training programs that engage

Put your team's learning and development on autopilot.

First-time Manager Essentials
4 Workshops

This learning track will help grow individual contributors into first-time-managers. They will learn how to be self-aware, give and receive feedback, how to mentor and project their team vision.

Communicate with Clarity
4 Workshops

This learning track will help new managers communicate their truth as a leader, be more confident in their delivery, become more empathetic listeners and work effectively in cross-cultural environments.

Create High-performing Teams
4 Workshops

This learning track focuses on creating healthy team dynamics, which is crucial to high performance. It will enable your team  maximize their time, engage creatively, and work through conflict through clear feedback.

Emotional Intelligence
4 Workshops

In this learning track is about how your team can harness our emotional intelligence to understand ourselves, check their biases and mental blocks, lead with authenticity and be resilient in the face of uncertainty.

Navigating Complexity
4 Workshops

In this learning track, your team will learn how to solve complex problems, develop a growth mindset, test with an entrepreneurial hat and think creatively.

Strategic Management
4 Workshops

In this learning track, your team will learn how to look into the future to strategize with an innovative approach, prioritize their time, improve decision making and get stakeholder buy-in.

Build Team Culture
4 Workshops

In this learning track, your team will learn how to build psychological safety, how to embrace diversity with inclusion, address any toxic behaviors and create a thriving team culture.

“NewCampus has connected our team members to alternative ways of learning and fresh sources of inspiration. Importantly, it has helped our business provide a relevant and agile learning resource for our employees’ personal growth.”

Matilda Sung
Partner at Graphite Studio

“Working with NewCampus has been a joy, as they were able to deliver remote training that was impactful, globalised, and modern.”

Veronica Murguia
Accelerators Program Manager at Dubai Future Foundation
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