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Explore six-week immersive courses, designed to help students better understand an industry or technology pathway. This is meant to accelerate your knowledge and taste-test what your next career path may look, and feel like.

Developed for business leaders, innovators, and future thinkers in disruptive sectors that are changing our world.

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Who We Are

NewCampus is an education and technology company. We design and build learning solutions to help organisations succeed at the human side of business. 

We work through the lens of behaviour science, macroeconomic data, and startup principles.

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We Know How to Make an Impact

World-class Experts
NewCampus works with over 500 thought leaders and industry experts to deliver real-world insights that matter.
Cutting-edge Content
Our curated programmes focus on the emerging skillsets, mindsets and toolsets of the modern workplace. Learn the most current frameworks and models to make sure your people are always ahead.
Practical Lessons First
We focus on experiential learning, drawing on case studies, simulations and discussions developing skills you can apply tomorrow.
Unique Social Formats
We use blended learning approaches to support different learning styles, from in-person networking events with leading experts, 1-on-1 mentoring
A Focus on Stickiness
Learning experiences that yield results, and create continuous impact. Diagnostics with powerful analytics to drive action planning for your human strategy.
In Check With Strategy
We look to understand your university’s context, goals and challenges to curate programmes that tie to value.

Our Solutions

Short term online projects in small teams to support a growth stage business and their strategic goals.
Live sessions taught by industry leaders, sharing unique insights and how to students can apply it directly to their work.
Consultation with mentors to get advice on project work or career advice from people who’ve been there, done that.
“At NewCampus, you get a one-of-a-kind learning journey, and the opportunity to tap into new perspectives.”
Guzman, Change Program Manager
“To be immersed in a new and diverse culture that opens up people’s minds, that’s the essence of NewCampus.”
Alan, IT Program Management Director
“The variety of classes lets me choose ones based on my interests, and the community has enabled me to network with people who have helped my career and personal growth.”
Stephanie, Customer Support Executive
“The NewCampus philosophy broadens horizons, and helps refresh skills in an advanced, multidimensional way.”
Chay Hoon, Human Resources professional
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