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Access daily discussion-led classes, hosted by virtual instructors, delivered in inspiring offline classrooms.
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Access daily discussion-led classes, hosted by virtual instructors, on 21st-century topics and skills. Now fully remote and borderless.

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Your membership includes

  • Robust calendar of virtual classes and events
  • Guest passes for friends
  • Warm intros curated for your goals
  • LinkedIn & portfolio reviews
  • A growth-minded and welcoming community
  • Personalised concierge service for personal growth

Classes & Events

Access live workshops, masterclasses and virtual conferences designed to equip you with the latest business, technology and leadership frameworks to accelerate your career or your business.
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Concierge Service

Your growth is important to us, and we understand that there's no one-size-fits-all experience for your personal or career goals. That's why a team member will always be available to check in with you on your progress and concerns, to ensure you're empowered to get where you want to go.
services include
  • 01.
    Personal growth consultant to understand your goals and tailor your experience accordingly
  • 02.
    Warm introductions to any of our speakers
  • 03.
    LinkedIn, resume, or pitch deck reviews

Curated Community

Join a welcoming group of professionals and take the pain out of networking. Get invitations to exclusive members-only gatherings outside of the classroom and find your next mentor, co-founder or business partner.
Events include
  • 01.
    Power Breakfasts Power Lunches: Group mentoring sessions with experienced guests
  • 02.
    Cuppa Club: Get personalised matches for digital networking chats with people you actually want to meet
  • 03.
    Online member hangouts and private community groups
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When does my free month membership start?

Your free month starts the moment you checkout with your membership and receive your booking account. The booking account will be active for 31 days after activation.

How do I book classes?

You will receive your login details to our booking platform upon checkout. You can browse and book classes there during the free membership period.

Who attends NewCampus?

NewCampus works best for:

  • Business, technology and creative professionals looking to rise up, lead and be a part of shaping their industries.  
  • Small-business owners, entrepreneurs 
  • Start-up founders (pre-seed to seed level)

Many members are in the first 5-15 years of their career, but our community is diverse and sees many in different age groups.  

Most NewCampus members are currently based in sunny Singapore—the home of our offline campus. But our virtual membership has opened us up and we are welcoming members from Greater Asia, Australia, Europe and South Africa—a truly global experience.

What happens after the free month?

We will automatically enrol you into our full remote membership ($99 SGD/mo with unlimited class credits). You can change your membership anytime by contacting us.

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership at anytime by reaching out to us via to receive a cancellation form. Cancellation during the 31-day free membership period will avoid the auto-renewal.

Why do you need my credit card?
Your membership will auto-renew into a full NewCampus remote membership plan once the free month ends. To avoid the auto-renewal, make sure to cancel your membership prior to the first billing date (31 days after the membership is active).