The Rise and Influence of Gen Z

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Generation Z is a generation of firsts. Radically inclusive, highly savvy content creators and digital natives, the next ten years is primed to be defined by their voices and values. In this conference, we'll explore the social and economic impact of the generation that's coming of age in the era of social media, climate change, and a global pandemic.

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Meeting new people from around the world.
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11:00 am
: Introduction by NewCampus
11:05 AM - 11:55 AM: Enabling a Gen Z-shaped Future

As true digital natives, having been exposed to the internet and social networks, the youths of Generation Z are becoming a potent influence on people and the way they consume and relate to brands. Gen Zers care deeply about the world and they believe in the efficacy of dialogue to solve conflicts and advocate for causes they champion. And despite what older generations may think of them, Gen Zers are a pragmatic lot. How will Gen Z influence the global impact on pressing issues like poverty, the environment, human rights, and equality?

Speakers to be announced.

11:55 AM - 12:15 PM: Networking Session 1

First networking segment. Here's an opportunity for you to meet other attendees and speakers in a video call.

12:15 PM - 1:05 PM: How Brands are Shifting Strategies for Gen Zers

How does the younger generation perceive the brands of today? The brands that Generation Z admire are those that do more than just sell a product or provide a service for profit. Gen Zers increasingly expect brands to “take a stand”, where the company's actions and ethics must align. Brands such as Tesla, Nike, and appeal to Gen Zers because they have a voice that resonates with Gen Z's ideals and values. How will Gen Z change the direction of the market, and how should brands shift their strategies to reach the younger consumers?

Speakers to be announced.

1:10 PM - 1:30 PM: Networking Session 2

Second networking segment. Here's an opportunity for you to meet other attendees and speakers in a video call.

Closing remarks by NewCampus
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