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We bring together growth-minded executives, entrepreneurs, and creative professionals who prioritise levelling up themselves, their companies and their communities.


Your membership includes

  • Robust calendar of virtual classes and events
  • Guest passes for friends
  • Curated introductions to our network based on your goals
  • LinkedIn & portfolio reviews
  • A growth-minded and welcoming community
  • Personalised concierge service for personal growth

Classes & Events

Access live workshops, masterclasses and virtual conferences designed to equip you with the latest business, technology and leadership frameworks to accelerate your career or your business.
Recent sessions:
  • 01.
    Workshop: “Boost Your Communication Through Storytelling”
  • 02.
    Masterclass: “Using Behaviour Economics to Build Winning Product Designs”
  • 03.
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Currently online only
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Concierge Service

Your growth is important to us, and we understand that there's no one-size-fits-all experience for your personal or career goals. That's why a team member will always be available to check in with you on your progress and concerns, to ensure you're empowered to get where you want to go.
Services include:
  • 01.
    Personal growth consultant to understand your goals and tailor your experience accordingly
  • 02.
    Warm introductions to any of our speakers
  • 03.
    LinkedIn, resume, or pitch deck reviews

Curated Community

Join a welcoming group of professionals and take the pain out of networking. Get invitations to exclusive members-only gatherings outside of the classroom and find your next mentor, co-founder or business partner.
Recent sessions:
  • 01.
    Power BreakfastsPower Lunches: Group mentoring sessions with experienced guests
  • 02.
    Cuppa Club: Get personalised matches for digital networking chats with people you actually want to meet
  • 03.
    NewCampus Forum & private member groups
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Book unlimited sessions and get extended members-only community and career perks.
  • Unlimited virtual workshops & group mentoring sessions
  • Warm introductions to any speakers
  • Unlimited matches on Cuppa Club, our digital networking platform
  • Guest passes for friends
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Remote Membership FAQs

What will I gain from a NewCampus remote membership?

In addition to unlimited access to all our events, workshops, conferences, members also get: priority access, warm introductions to speakers, curated introductions personalised for your goals, invites to other exclusive events, etc. We even help you review LinkedIn resumes, portfolios and pitch decks if that’s what you need.

We bring you the value of an MBA at a fraction of the price, and without having to put your life on hold. Get exposure to cutting-edge ideas, build a professional network of industry leaders and ambitious peers, whilst colearning and practising the most valuable 21st-century skills.

There are so many webinars. How is NewCampus any different?

We’re not a webinar. Nor are we an online course. NewCampus is a community learning experience—interactive, intimate and energising. You are not listening passively, you will be actively getting involved. Our sessions are designed so that you actually get to interact with both the speaker, but also more importantly with your new peers. They will be your future collaborators, clients and co-founders. 

All our learnings formats—workshops, mentoring sessions, tiny conferences, dialogues and more—are designed with these principles in mind. There will always be a chance for you to share ideas in a small group, practice newly minted skills and get real-time feedback.

Who attends NewCampus?

NewCampus works best for:

  • Business, technology and creative professionals looking to rise up, lead and be a part of shaping their industries.  
  • Small-business owners, entrepreneurs 
  • Start-up founders (pre-seed to seed level)

Many members are in the first 5-15 years of their career, but our community is diverse and sees many in different age groups.  

Most NewCampus members are currently based in sunny Singapore—the home of our offline campus. But our virtual membership has opened us up and we are welcoming members from Greater Asia, Australia, Europe and South Africa—a truly global experience.

Where can I browse and book classes?

See our full calendar here. In any given week, you will usually find at least 3-4 sessions happening—sometimes more! All NewCampus events and workshops are designed to help you shape the disruption in your industry, broaden your view of the world, and build a fulfilling career.

Can I join from anywhere?

We welcome members joining virtually from anywhere. Currently, our virtual sessions are scheduled and hosted in the Asia time zone of GMT +8 (Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing), making them particularly accessible to anyone joining from Australia, Asia and Europe. 

Will you continue remote memberships after COVID-19?

Yes. The virtual sessions will continue as part of our remote campus membership. If you choose to join now as a remote member, you will have the option to transition into an offline membership when we resume our Singapore campus.

What is the membership fee?

Membership starts at S$99 per month. Find out more about our pricing and plans.

How do I get started as a member?

Head on over here to submit an application which will help us understand your current goals.

Can I ask my employer to sponsor my NewCampus membership?
Yes, many do. Here’s a template to help you get started. Or drop us a request to contact your boss/HR/L&D manager.

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