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Lite Membership

A membership for the future-proof & growth-minded

Attend live masterclasses, workshops and conferences hosted by experts from around the world, and get priority member perks.

Live-streamed globally
Live-streamed globally
About Lite Membership

Start building your learning habit

Designed to help you get started with your learning journey with NewCampus, the Lite Membership provides you with access to our live sessions.

  • Intimate and discussion-focussed live sessions
  • Attend from anywhere in the world
  • Connect with diverse global professionals
  • Join a supportive, growth-minded community
Step 1

Submit the application to join the current community as a Lite Member

Step 2

Review of application by NewCampus Memberships team

Step 3

Receive your membership and book your first session!

“At NewCampus, you get a one-of-a-kind learning journey, and the opportunity to tap into new perspectives.”
Guzman, Change Program Manager
“To be immersed in a new and diverse culture that opens up people’s minds, that’s the essence of NewCampus.”
Alan, IT Program Management Director
“NewCampus class was even more interesting than I expected and truly a beautiful and inspiring experience.”
Selene, Strategy Development
“The NewCampus philosophy broadens horizons, and helps refresh skills in an advanced, multidimensional way.”
Chay Hoon, Human Resources

Start your journey today

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Lite Membership FAQs

What will be assessed for the Lite Membership application?

The purpose of the Lite Membership application is for the NewCampus Membership team to get to know you better, understand how you’ll be able to benefit from NewCampus and how the community will learn with and from you.

Are there fees to the Lite Membership?

No, the NewCampus Lite Membership is a promotion we are running at the moment to encourage more like-minded individuals to join the NewCampus community.

How do I qualify to be a Lite Member?

On top of the initial application, there are certain requirements for you to retain your membership:

  • You must be a new user of NewCampus (or have not attended a session for more than 12 months)  
  • You must book and attend a session each month 
  • You respect our community policy around late cancellations and no-shows
How long is my Lite Membership for?

A Lite Membership is only available up to 3 months from the activation date.