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NewCampus is a different type of school, for curious people who never want to stop growing. Attend daily small-group classes hosted by global hosts about big topics in the world today. Whether you’re looking to gain specific new skills, or window-shopping different topics to get inspired, we're here to help you get where you want to be. ◆

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A gym-like membership to unlimited classes you will come back for again and again.


45 minutes
Our flagship feature. In-depth and interactive, you'll dive deep in a discussion-driven session hosted by an industry expert.


90 minutes
A hands-on experience designed to develop your practical capabilities. Immerse yourself and learn a new skill.


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Our Classes Every dose of NewCampus will leave you brimming with newfound knowledge, strong takeaways and valuable networks, everything you need to thrive in a changing globalised world. You’ll feel like a better version of yourself after your first class. We work hard to make sure your learning experience doesn’t feel like a chore.
  • Entrepreneurs as class hosts
  • TED-like speakers
  • Intimate class sizes
  • Inspiring campus spaces
  • Bite-sized sessions
  • Conversational group experience
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change the reason you learn —
Why should you stay curious with NewCampus?

Your network is your net worth

Forge fresh relationships in your city and across the globe. The best opportunities come from chance encounters with different perspectives.

Thrive in a changing world

Understand the topics and forces behind the global shift in business, technology and culture. Staying relevant isn’t good enough, make change your thing.

Learning is a lifestyle

Experience a gym membership for your mind. Affordable prices and accessible locations. Come to class daily, cancel anytime.

Learn the change you want to see in the world

Take a front seat in understanding global challenges. Level up on the critical skills needed to solve them.

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