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Our classes are designed to empower people to become broader thinkers, more empathetic leaders, creative innovators, better communicators and global citizens.

Important and relevant
Trends and innovations that are shaping changes in global culture and the knowledge economy.
Our curriculum moves and adapts at the speed of the news.
Global voices bring varied perspectives and ways of conceptualizing and solving problems.

The Future (of)

From new technologies to the disruption of industries, change is happening at an exponential rate. We seek to explore, discuss, and understand the technologies being developed, how they are impacting our lives, and how we can work together with these technologies.
focus areas: Blockchain & Crypto; Food; Finance; Work; Health; Cities; Social & global impact; AR / VR / MR ; AI & ML

of current occupations are augmentable by technology1


new jobs will be created by technology by 20222


The year the first AI machine is predicted to join a corporate board of directors3

Sample classes

Culture, today & tomorrow

The way we receive news and share information is quickly evolving. What impact does technology have on our culture? How do we ensure privacy and protection in the age of big-data? How do we ensure inclusivity and understanding in a globalized world? And how will we respond to the challenges of increasingly dense cities?
focus areas: Cities & government; Art, music & film; Media & journalism, Sociology & psychology

the growth in cross-border data bandwidth between 2005-20174


predicted amount of content articles to be written by AI by 20335


of global population set to live in cities within the next generation6

Sample classes

Evolving skills

With automation and AI, a seismic shift towards remote work, and the normalization of non-linear careers, we need creative and constantly evolving skill sets. Empathy and artistic creativity will be vital as humans work alongside robots. Changing careers and industries requires us to always be learning and honing new skills. Global issues require critical thinking and problem solving abilities.
focus areas: Branding & marketing; Design thinking; Digital literacy; Entrepreneurship & startups; Experiential storytelling; Tech ecosystems

shift in required workforce skills between 2018-20227


of all employees will require significant re- and upskilling8


of talent professionals say that soft skills are important to the future of HR and recruiting9

Sample classes

About us

NewCampus is a different type of school, for curious people who never want to stop growing. Attend daily small-group classes hosted by global hosts about big topics in the world today. Whether you’re looking to gain specific new skills, or window-shopping different topics to get inspired, we're here to help you get where you want to be. ◆

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