Class topics

Class Hosts teach on topics that shape our future

Classes at NewCampus explore the intersection of technology, innovation, and creativity, and the various ways they will impact our lives.

The Future (of)

Always curious about what's next, we seek to explore, discuss, and understand the technologies being developed and how they will fundamentally impact our lives in the coming years and decades.

Culture, today & tomorrow

The way we read, share ideas, receive news and information is constantly evolving. Here we seek to explore the impact of technology on culture and the evolving state of an increasingly globalised, interconnected world.

Evolving skills

With seismic changes to how we work, we need adaptive and creative skillsets. We explore the role of artistic creativity, design thinking, and authentic communication through storytelling.

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Our classes

Our live-streamed class formats are designed to create intimate learning spaces so you can share your knowledge in a humanised yet impactful way, from anywhere in the world.


60 minutes
An in-depth and interactive session on a selected topic. Short presentation followed by an open discussion to share ideas and opinions.


90 minutes
A hands-on experience designed to develop one’s practical capabilities. Immersive learning of a new skill.
Host profiles

NewCampus Class Hosts are vessels of knowledge.

Join some of the best and brightest, the most inspirational, and those making big waves in their industries.

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Join world-class hosts from global companies

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Who can be a Class Host?

We're looking for those who are passionate and have a deep knowledge about what they do. You don't need to be an expert at everything but should have expert-level knowledge of the topic you teach on. If you haven't taught or done much public speaking before, don't sweat it. Our team is here to work with you every step of the way.

Our Class Hosts come from a variety of backgrounds — journalists, entrepreneurs, filmmakers, consultants — but all share a common belief in lifelong learning.

How big is a class?

NewCampus classes are intimate for the purpose of conversation. At the moment, we cap our class attendance at 12 seats.

How will the class attendees (colearners) be dialling in?

The colearners will be dialling in together from a NewCampus colearning space, which tends to be a private room in coworking spaces like WeWork. We are currently in Singapore, but are already in the midst of opening up in cities like Tokyo, London, and New York.

Do I get paid for this?

Class Hosts are compensated for each class they deliver. But the real benefit comes from joining a curated network of global experts and leaders who you'll be able to meet and share resources with. We also believe in a circular knowledge economy, so you'll get to join classes as a colearner at any of our campuses.

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