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Evolving modern leadership in times of crisis.

NewCampus is bringing you an online remote working accelerator that aims to empower you to lead your team, organisation and community through the challenges of COVID-19.

resilience in uncertain times

Our ways of working and communicating have been forcibly shifted almost overnight. With a growing proportion of the global population turning to remote work, many for the first time, we’re faced with the question of how to maintain the same bonds and strive for the same goals as we did in physical workplaces.

Join an online remote working accelerator to help you and your organisation adapt to the new virtual frontier, from the logistics of managing a remote team to understanding mental health challenges in employees working from home.

course topics

Crisis Leadership & Remote Work

Topic 1: Leadership
Topic 2: Product
Topic 3: Human Resources
topic 1

Leadership in Times of Crisis

Learn about effective team and employee management during this period of enforced work from home in many impacted places around the world. Skills addressed include: Essential leadership skills in times of crisis, effective omnichannel communication in crisis context, sticky storytelling, and WFH time management.
Learning objectives
  • High-performance leadership formula (used by successful leaders across the globe)
  • Acquire efficient listening, empathy and influence essential for leaders
  • Successful framework to lead teams remotely
topic 2

Boost Your Product in Times of Crisis

Understand user psychology of product engagement in times of crisis to continue to move your business forward. Skills addressed include: Trends and analytics in your industry in crisis context, product design and management with psychological guidance, employing design frameworks in new ways as unprecedented challenges calls for unusual innovation.
Learning objectives
  • Efficiently use traditional product design frameworks (Design Thinking, Agile, etc) in crisis context
  • Winning behavioural science- and psychology-based product design and management methodology
  • How to use social media outlets in times of crisis for your business and your brand
topic 3

Efficient Human Resources in Times of Crisis

Physical distance, as well as crisis-induced stressors, present challenges in the way your team communicates and works together. Learn skills such as: Tools and frameworks for managing employees working from home, winning team communication strategies, and managing stress while cultivating a growth mentality in times of crisis.
Learning objectives
  • Holistic approaches of staying efficient, healthy and motivated while WFH
  • Communication frameworks that keep employees motivated and efficient
  • Successful, behaviour science informed, training and upskilling methodologies for teams and employees
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