You and the guide to the world of play@work

Darwin Antipolo
Founder @ pxd Labs
Class Format

A concise workshop designed to up-skill you within a hour and a half. There will group exercises, feedback sessions and case studies carefully curated for the experience.


The learning series starts with our main protagonist: You. In a series of challenges, you will be given time to reflect on the concept of play, especially in the context of work and team. You will share this quest with 11 other co-learners who you will get to know more in 90 minutes. However, you need to come out of this stage with a personal point-of-view and new skills for the tough serious play ahead. This is all about you.

Key takeaways

1. Appreciate play and be the change agent that you are by pushing this at your own respective organisation as a catalyst for creative and innovative thinking

2. Dive into the concept of play at work and understand why play more than ever is intrinsic to the transformation happening across many industries

About the class host

Darwin is a self-identifying philomath and this itinerant curiosity has helped him deliver nuanced insights into his work as a facilitator, consultant, and artist. A permanent resident of Singapore and originally from the Philippines, he has straddled both agency and client worlds as a marketer across the years. He plays at the intersection of design, technology, and the arts.                

Darwin is the founder and principal consultant of a boutique marketing strategy and experience design agency called pxd labs. He is a certified facilitator for the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method.

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