The motivations and applications of Blockchain and smart contracts

Ajay Prakash
Co-founder @ Perlin
Class Format

A concise workshop designed to up-skill you within a hour and a half. There will group exercises, feedback sessions and case studies carefully curated for the experience.


2019 and beyond is the era of blockchain adoption as companies become less research focused and more critical on the actual use cases.

What is blockchain, bitcoin, smart contracts and all the other jargon that has been thrown around? Why should I care and how can it help the world in tangible ways? These are some of the things we will cover in this workshop and targeted to professionals who are interested in the space without the technical background.

Key takeaways

1. A preliminary understanding of Blockchain & Smart contracts and why they are important

2. The real world examples of where blockchain and smart contract makes sense

3. Cryptocurrencies and their role in the ecosystem

About the class host

In 2017 Ajay Prakash cofounded Perlin, a cloud computing marketplace that uses computing power in smart devices in order to make the services globally accessible. He serves as Head of Product and is backed by Bitmain, Beyond Blocks, Signum Capital, F2Pool, 500 Startups, FBG Capital, DHVC, Arrington XRP and ZhenFund. Perlin has raised approximately $48 million and has over 200 strategic partners and investors.

Most recently, he was also featured on Forbes Asia's 30 Under 30 for Enterprise Technology.

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