The missing piece to strong leadership and conflict management: Humility

Hayley Mundeva
Class Format

An interactive session on a selected topic. There will be a short presentation followed by an open discussion to share ideas and opinions.


Whether you’re starting a business or growing an existing organization, learning how to effectively manage and lead teams is critical. There are many opportunities along the way for miscommunication and conflict, and a key way to problem solve these challenges is to have humility. Join us to understand the importance of having humility in your work and to find practical ways to apply it in into your work.

Key takeaways

1. Learn the difference between humility and humbleness

2. Learn how and why it's important to ask the right questions than to have the right answers

3. Learn how to combine ambition and humility to make you a better leader

About the class host

Hayley Mundeva is the Founder and CEO of ThriveHire, an online career platform for Global Health. Before this, Hayley worked for 4 years on Global Health research projects in Tanzania, Malawi and Ethiopia. She has 2 degrees in Global Health and is a certified trainer in social entrepreneurship. Despite starting her career in research, Hayley was surprised to find little information on ways to launch and develop a Global Health career.

This is what sparked her interest in founding ThriveHire. Since then, Hayley and her team have been working with organizations including the Canadian Red Cross and Save the Children and were awarded the National Innovation Award by the United Nations Association in Canada and the British Council Canada.

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