Introduction to Computer Forensics

Noora Saed Alawadi
Forensic Consultant @ EY
Class Format

An interactive session on a selected topic. There will be a short presentation followed by an open discussion to share ideas and opinions.


It is a race with the machines, as technology is getting more advanced it is crucial that the rest of the population is aware of the basics of future technologies. This class will include a basic introduction on the components of computer forensics.

Key takeaways

1. Understanding of Computer Forensics

2. Components  of Computer Forensics

3. Understanding of digital evidence

About the class host

Noora Alawadi graduated from Zayed University with a Management Information Systems bachelors degree.  She is currently working as a Forensic Technology Consultant and lab manager at Ernst & Young. Other than her full-time job Noora is active in leading some external groups. She is the founder of @mend.uae which concentrates on empowering and supporting wellbeing and people with special needs. She is a part of Ernst & Young’s Youth Council working under the UAE’s Ministry of youth where she is leading the environmental team. Noora is leading @Cinemirates a film crew producing one of the first audience led UAE film.

Skilled in Information Technology, Product Innovation, Problem Solving, Teamwork, and Leadership.

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