Impact decoded: Get ahead by enhancing your 7 impact competencies

Sidney Minassian
Founder @ ImpactLadder
Class Format

An interactive session on a selected topic. There will be a short presentation followed by an open discussion to share ideas and opinions.


Get proven strategies on how to get greater recognition, more opportunities and increase your income. To evolve from competent to become credible, exceptional and then extraordinary, you need to master the 7 Impact Competencies. This workshop will reveal what those are and help you know where you're at!

Key takeaways

1. What creates Impact?

2. How to master the 7 Impact Competencies?

3. What determines your growth trajectory and what should you do next?

About the class host

Sidney Minassian is the Founder of ImpactLadder - a global people development company on a mission to help people become their extraordinary. For the past 20 years, Sidney has been an entrepreneur, speaker, and coach. His ventures and engagements have given him the opportunity to live and work in the USA, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

As Founder & CEO, Sidney has raised private and venture capital, hired and developed teams, launched new products, designed go-to-market strategies and made direct and channel sales. His most recent venture, Contexti was acquired by Versent, Australia’s fastest-growing technology company. Additionally, Sidney is a keynote speaker and has interviewed hundreds of leaders and practitioners on his ShowInnovation YouTube series and on his SalesNative podcast.

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