How to use behavioural economics for a winning product/platform design

Hayk Hakobyan
Class Format

An interactive session on a selected topic. There will be a short presentation followed by an open discussion to share ideas and opinions.


Provides insights from the latest R&D and experiments in behavioural economics, and how they can be applied to make a product sticky, highly demanded, fun and engaging all at once.

Key takeaways

1. Learn some of the key concepts in behavioural economics

2. Know more about the relevance of using economics and psychology-based thinking in designing products

3. Key ways to apply insights from behavioural economics to product and service design, with the aim of having more engaging, sticky and fun products

About the class host

Hayk is a business expert and advisor in topics related to innovation, strategy,  AI and blockchain to companies globally. He held senior roles of digital transformation and business turnaround around the world having worked for and with SMEs and MNCs across Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Currently, Hayk is a partner at Vision Capital, emerging technologies advisory in SEA, in addition to being Expert-in-Residence at SOSV, the biggest VC accelerator in the world, and APAC partner at Prysm Group, a global blockchain economics and governance agency. He is a regular speaker and previously spoke at TEDx (Egypt), Chaos Asia (Singapore) and Blockchain Economic Forum (Singapore and San Francisco). You can find out more about Hayk on haykha.com.

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