How to overcome adoption to A.I systems

Rudradeb Mitra
Author of "Creating Value with Artificial Intelligence"
Class Format

An interactive session on a selected topic. There will be a short presentation followed by an open discussion to share ideas and opinions.


What is artificial intelligence and how do you build a product that encompasses it? In this dialogue, learn about the components of a robust AI system, how to go about building a product that’s powered by AI, and discuss some of the common ethical issues behind doing so.

Key takeaways

1. What kind of problems are best suited to solve using current AI/ML algorithms?

2. A new approach to build AI/ML products using a community

3. How to overcome challenges with product development, adoption, ethics and data?

About the class host

Rudradeb is a speaker, writer, entrepreneur and mentor. Having graduated from the University of Cambridge UK, he has managed to build six startups in four countries. His primary interest is to build products with social value. Most recently, he authored the book "Creating Value with Artificial Intelligence". In addition, he has written over 35 articles on AI, Machine Learning, growth, sales and startups. Some of this articles have been critically acclaimed.                                

As an entrepreneur, he has built 6 tech startups (one with multi-million dollars in profits). Even though four of them failed, he is proud of the learnings from them. Rudradeb also mentors various startups around the world. He is a mentor of Google Launchpad, WeWork Labs, Impact Hub Zurich, MIT Enterprise and Founders Institute

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