How to leverage MBTI in today's workforce

Kenny Soon
Class Format

An interactive session on a selected topic. There will be a short presentation followed by an open discussion to share ideas and opinions.


We all want to feel secure at work, and likewise for the leaders in the workforce too. The opportunity to understand the intricacies of personalities and what drives each individual can lead us to develop more empathy in our workplaces. When we understand each other and feel safe, you can be surprised how productivity will skyrocket.

Key takeaways

1. Understand how each trait functions.

2. Know which roles at the workplace where you fit best.

3. Have practical tips on how to utilise this framework in each person’s context (either towards or as a leader).

About the class host

Kenny Soon is a results-oriented professional with 6 years of experience in operations management, training & development, sales & marketing, technical advisory and customer relationship management for leading organisations such as Apple South Asia, Happy Fish, Josiah Associates.

He is highly adept at identifying and capitalizing on opportunities that result in lucrative profit through new businesses and partnerships. He is competent in strategy execution and experienced in assembling multi-functional teams and negotiation with great interpersonal and communication skills.

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