How did SEO come about and why does it matter?

Kevin Dam
Director of Product and Marketing @ Aemorph
Class Format

An interactive session on a selected topic. There will be a short presentation followed by an open discussion to share ideas and opinions.


Ever wondered what is driving the pages of your Google search results? How many times have you searched beyond the third page of a search engine? The SEO industry is expected to break 80 billion by 2020 and it’s time for you to understand what it’s all about.

Key takeaways

1. What is SEO and how did it come about?

2. Why is SEO so important?

3. How Google delivers search results and what can influence it

About the class host

Kevin Dam is the Director of Product and Marketing at Aemorph, a Singapore-based digital marketing consultancy that provides tailored digital expertise to help businesses drive greater revenue. A seasoned entrepreneur and digital marketing expert, Kevin has founded no less than 5 different companies/products and has brought his digital marketing know-how to helping these businesses succeed.

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