From Scary Financial Numbers to Inspiring Stories

Florian Cornu
Managing Director @ Zenflow
Class Format

A concise workshop designed to up-skill you within a hour and a half. There will group exercises, feedback sessions and case studies carefully curated for the experience.


How to turn a vision into an executable plan? In this session we look at ways to make the impossible seem possible and to communicate the traction in inspiring and actionable stories.

Key takeaways

1. How to break down a vision into ready to execute steps

2. How to turn numbers to stories

3. How to use cohort analysis

About the class host

Florian is the founder and CEO of Future Flow, a Singapore-based company which guides entrepreneurs along their growth journey. It provides business modelling, financial projections, unit economics coaching, executive dashboards and board management.All of this is done with a lot of care to tell the underlying story of a business in an understandable and actionable way so that entrepreneurs can grow their business faster to reach their vision.In Southeast Asia for 7 years, Florian started, raised funds, and exited his own company.With Future Flow, Florian worked with companies such as VC-funded TradeGecko, Tickled Media/theAsianparent, MoneySmart, Nugit.Florian is also the co-founder of Map of the Money, the visual list of active investors in Singapore and Southeast Asia, and runs SaaS Business Asia, which aim at connecting the SaaS ecosystem in Southeast Asia.

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