Everything you need to know about data storytelling

Lauren Stephenson
Marketing Director @ Nugit
Class Format

An interactive session on a selected topic. There will be a short presentation followed by an open discussion to share ideas and opinions.


You’ve probably already heard the term ‘data storytelling’, but do you know what it means for your job or team? Humans are hard-wired for stories, they've been used to communicate learnings since the beginning of time. But can the principles of storytelling have an impact in business, and even make data more consumable?

In this session we’ll explore what data storytelling is and then deep dive into how different industries are using it to become more efficient in understanding and communicating the vast amounts of data they’re collecting. You’ll also learn why becoming a great data storyteller can make you better at your job.

Key takeaways

1. What is data storytelling and how it joins the loop in the data analytics process?

2. How companies are utilising data storytelling today.

3. What to consider when creating your data stories.

About the class host

An experienced collaborative leader and strategic B2B Marketing & Communications professional, Lauren has worked primarily in start-up environments in Europe and the APAC region. Currently based in Singapore, she brings years of international experience and a passion for driving successful outcomes for marketing teams.

In her current role, she leads the Marketing team and sits on the Management team at Nugit, a SaaS platform with lead investors Sequoia & Wavemaker Partners. Nugit’s Data Storytelling Platform makes building and sharing real-time data stories easy. Designed for business users, the AI lead technology is used by enterprises, tech companies, publishers and marketplaces to give everyone access to data to do their jobs well and drive productivity with automation of the analytic process.

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