Boost your communication through storytelling

Martin Scholtz
Founder and Facilitator @ Say It LLC
Class Format

A concise workshop designed to up-skill you within a hour and a half. There will group exercises, feedback sessions and case studies carefully curated for the experience.


Storytelling is one of the oldest methods of bringing across your core message in a colorful way. Many entrepreneurs, executives and other people are using storytelling to inspire and motivate. Discover your own stories and spice them up with key ingredients to boost the delivery of your message.

Key takeaways

1. Understanding why stories are crucial in conveying a message

2. Identifying your personal stories to connect with people

3. Structure your stories with an effective framework and implement the key elements of storytelling

About the class host

Martin is the Founder of Say It LLC, a company that helps to design and facilitate experiential learning workshops with the application of improvisation techniques for personal and team development. Having had several years of experience in different business environments, Martin is a highly creative and adaptable person.

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