Willson Deng

CEO @ Arcstone Pte. Ltd.


An industrial engineer by trade, Willson has implemented improvement projects in manufacturing industries ranging from aeronautics to smart meters, wineries, gourmet chocolates, glass production and pharmaceuticals. He founded Arcstone in 2013, after he had been designing production simulation software for the world’s largest bio-manufacturers.

Focused on blending machine and human operations, he developed the Arcstone Operations Platform (arc.ops) to efficiently provide visibility, control and optimisation to a massive range of industries. The platform enables companies to automate, integrate and streamline entire processes within a facility at fractions of market cost.

He continues to drive a data-centric manufacturing revolution in Southeast Asia, encouraging like-minded companies to upend the status quo for manufacturing enterprise solutions through the Singapore Manufacturing Consortium (SIMCO).

Willson holds a MSc from INSEAD Business School and a BS in Industrial Engineering from UC Berkeley.

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