Tim Kobe

Founder and Chairman at x8ventures


Architect and Designer Tim Kobe worked with former Apple CEO Steve Jobs to create the original concept for Apple stores. These stores forever changed our understanding of retail experiences with their sleek architecture, minimalist aesthetics and detailed attention to customer experience.

His company, Eight Inc (stylised as 8), is one of the most progressive design firms working today and have worked with some of the biggest companies in the world including Nike, Virgin Atlantic, Citi, Ford, Barclays, Xiaomi and Nissan. 8 helps them to rethink the way they serve their customers in the physical and digital realms.

8 is transforming organizations to be relevant in the world's most highly competitive environments by looking at the design factors that drive successful human interactions. They employ leading designers and strategists working across 11 offices including Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, London, New York, San Francisco, Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore. 8 has received international design awards and has been published in Asia, Europe, and the US.

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