Raena Lim

Cofounder at Style Theory


Raena Lim is the Founder and COO at Style Theory, Southeast Asia’s largest circular fashion platform, for the modern woman to introduce a smarter way to consume fashion without the constraint of space, cost, and environmental impacts.

Founded in 2016, the brand is now the largest in Southeast Asia, with over 130,000 subscribers. It has since expanded its inventory to house over 50,000 clothes and apparel, fit for any occasion from casual brunches to formal events.

Prior to Style Theory, Raena studied finance in school and worked in a non-profit organisation in Kenya where she set up a bank and micro-credit financing system to help the communities there. When she returned to Singapore, Raena worked at Goldman Sachs in investment banking for 5 years.

Later, Raena co-founded Style Theory with her husband, with high hopes to change the way people consume fashion more sustainably. Style Theory was born out of this desire for impact-making by offering a solution to a problem that plenty of women face daily: access to quality clothes that don't cost your wallet.

Talk to Raena on how she has managed to persuade people to take up a more eco-conscious lifestyle, how she overcame her challenges shifting from finance to fashion, and how Style Theory is going to be the future of fashion.

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