Leza Klenk

CEO @ Spendless Cosmetics


Leza Klenk is obsessed with business and entrepreneurship, and an active blogger on www.lezaklenk.com. Having spoken at universities in SEAsia including KDU, Dwi Emas International, University of Malaya, Manipal University, Taylor's College & Uni, NUS, SP Jain and more, Leza dedicates to lecture monthly on topics related to personal branding, entrepreneurship and leadership.                

She runs as CEO of a technological firm, SC Beauty Network Pte Ltd that scaled across 14 countries globally. She's authored several books, and appeared in multiple media newspapers & books. In 2014, she lead an empowering women campaign with Singapore Committee of UN Women, as well as becoming the face to Shiseido in the same year. She is a sought after speaking having spoken about entrepreneurship, investment & trade equity financing, networking, evolution of retail e-commerce etc at global & international conferences. Leza was a judge at NUS Symposium in 2014 and involved in numerous round table panel discussion in polytechnics and ITEs. Apart from university talks, Leza also speak at international conferences in Asia including HK Retail in HK, BEAM Summit in Singapore, HYWE Conference in India, BWMC in Malaysia and more. In 2014, she (then 28) was acknowledged as Singapore Youngest Business Guru and her story told in a publication "The Lady Boss" available in book stores. In 2019, Leza bagged the award as Asia's Greatest CEO 2019 awarded by URS and Asia One. She has invested and incubated several companies including a baking studio, beauty academy, tuition centres, art schools, baby goods marketplace and photo studio.                

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