Elaine Liew

Board advisor @ Indonesia Cloud Computing Associate & former COO of IBM Cloud APAC


Elaine Liew is an IT veteran. However she didn't start off in technology. She's a professional performance pianist, cook and student. 30 years ago, she fell into the tech industry and has been deeply involved ever since. Elaine is currently on the board of the Indonesia Cloud Computing Association and previously lead the Asia Pacific Cloud business in IBM. Elaine has a stunning track record at companies like SAP, Oracle, Dell EMC in Asia Pacific regional roles.

She will be sharing personal stories on how she got to where she is today, including some of the challenges she faced around women leadership challenges, diversity, and inclusion with her experience championing and leading over 18 nationalities in 10 countries across 5 generations of employees. She's had extensive experience in developing all generations of both young and seasoned professionals.

Elaine is a lifelong learner, having recently finished LSE's International Affairs and Political Economy, Alibaba Business School, WeChat Digital Immersion and recently sat a Japanese exam after studying the language for 3-4 years.

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