NewCampus Spurs Entrepreneurial Spirit for SMU Students in Bootcamp‍

As one of Singapore’s top universities, the Singapore Management University (SMU) is developing the next generation of entrepreneurs through immersive educational and mentorship programs.

At SMU, both local and international students receive the opportunity to gain professional skills and experience in fast-moving startups across the globe.

That said, NewCampus is thrilled to announce the first successful SMU Entrepreneurial Mindset Bootcamp, where a cohort of SMU students underwent an intensive program to equip them with entrepreneurial skills for the 21st century.

Growing entrepreneurial skills and spirit

Even though Singapore is home to over 3,800 startups, a survey by the World Economic Forum found that Singaporean youths are becoming less entrepreneurial.

However, nothing is further from the truth as an overwhelming number of students  signed up for the bootcamp.

In under 3 weeks, students from diverse backgrounds were able to pick up powerful business skills and frameworks that developed their entrepreneurial mindsets and critical thinking.

These online and discussion-driven workshops were led by seasoned instructors who themselves lead their own startups and creative agencies. 

One student, who majors in Information Systems, said: “The workshops were very interactive as the class host tailored the session towards us and also I really like how they shared about their personal stories and experiences as entrepreneurs.”

Entrepreneurship has no age limit—the fresh thinking of young entrepreneurs is just as essential to today’s startup world as experienced veterans. We wish them the best, and can’t wait to meet the next cohort of smart innovators.

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