Learning Tracks for Modern Leaders

This April, we’re bringing you 8 new Learning Tracks that teach the most essential skills for rising managers and leaders of today.

NewCampus Learning Tracks are a series of live and interactive virtual workshops, designed to deliver concrete takeaways for first-time managers and business leaders to help them tackle the challenges of their shifting roles and set them up for success.

Our sessions are live, experiential classes that dive deep into essential business skills for the future of work, and hosted by experts who have led and worked with high-performing companies.

Upskill yourself in these aspects of management and leadership:

  • New Manager Essentials (4 workshops)
    Learn the must-have skills for managers to lead a successful team

  • Communicate with Clarity (4 workshops)
    Learn effective communication skills to align your team’s motivation and goals

  • Emotional Intelligence (4 workshops)
    Learn core competencies of emotional intelligence to tackle blockers and lead teams with authenticity

  • Create High-Performing Teams (5 workshops)
    Learn how to create healthy team dynamics to maximise their time and performance

  • Build Team Culture (5 workshops)
    Learn makings of great team culture to create diversity, inclusion and a thriving work environment

  • Navigating Complexity (5 workshops)
    Learn how to think creatively and learn quickly to solve complex problems and deal with uncertainty

  • Strategic Decision-Making (4 workshops)
    Learn the skills of strategic thinking to stay level-headed about the future

  • Lead Effective Remote Teams (4 workshops)
    Learn remote team management skills that boost your team’s productivity and well-being

Drop us an email at hello@newcampus.co to find out more.

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