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NewCampus is making learning a lifestyle through community and convenience.
We believe that lifelong learning, genuine human connections, enriching experiences and a broad view of the world are key to thriving in the new world today.

Our story

Our journey began when co-founders Will and Fei struggled to move on from a career in management consulting in Australia. They didn’t have much direction, they feared pursuing interests, they didn’t know much about emerging industries and they didn’t know anyone who could help. They took a leap anyway, because trying was better than not knowing, and started building a tech startup in Singapore.
We were founded in 2015 to be more than a recruitment company. We wanted to help people try new careers, meet new people, and get out of their comfort zones. But we also wanted it to be a space where people could build an identity out of passions, and not just professions.
We also wanted to sprinkle their lives with community, creativity, culture and inspiration.
What started as a remote internships platform between professionals and interesting startups, has now evolved into changing how people think about learning. Beyond the courses and curricula, we’re building the campus experience — a place where people strive to do more and do better everyday and the support to get there. A school that is more than a recruitment agency, but a mindset you adopt for life.
We hope this is a space ideas are brewed, stories are started, culture is created, creativity is unleashed and supporters are found. ◆

What we value

Empathy & candour.
We do things with kindness and honesty, investing in and supporting the success of those around us.
Appetite for growth.
We're curious about the world, are broadly knowledgeable on multiple topics, and actively seek self-improvement.
More than just a job.
We obsess over building the best experience for our users, because it's what we're passionate about.
We aren't bystanders. We follow through, and do the right thing even without recognition.
We think innovatively in order to design products and processes that are streamlined and simple for our users.
We say what we mean, respect others and listen well, so that we may better understand.
Bigger than us.
We strive to find ways to positively impact the world and the people around us.
We focus on where we're going, and aren't afraid trying new things or changing the status quo in order to get there.


Our team is global and remote first. We’re part nerdy, part creative but we all share a passion for changing the way people learn and grow. Keep life in beta.

Eddy Chan

Head of Product

Matt Chuk

Growth & Marketing

Isan De Jesus

Chief Culture Officer

Will Fan

Co-founder & CEO

Sandhya Ramachandran

Content & Comms

Michelle Shi

Chief Creative Officer

Lily Wu


Fei Yao

Co-founder & COO

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